Hearing things

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Im sure we all know that feeling of flying down the road on your road bike when all of a sudden you hear a metalic 'tinkling'.

'Oh no!' you think. A quick visual check of your important parts confirms your bike is fine and it was most likely just some road debry you hit. On you go!

Well unfortunately for me this time something actually did fall off of my bike. Well not my bike but my shoes.
More specifically one of the bolts and the accompnying washer that holds the cleat on, fell off on a recent 15mile ride.

I returned to the spot where I thought it had happened and slowly strolled along the curbside hoping to spot it much to the amusement of the people waiting at the bus stop across the road. Sadly I didnt find it so will now have to order new bolts. Oh well, at least I'l have some spares. :lol:
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