Carbon frameset respray

James Newton
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I'm looking at getting my carbon frameset stripped and repainted so I'm after somewhere to get it done. I'm from the North East, so somewhere near home preferably.

If anyone could provide me with names, websites etc that'd be great. And of course, experiences of having it done.



  • Alain Quay
    Alain Quay Posts: 534
    I had it done in Edinburgh - a good job, if a bit slow. There will be many places closer to your home.
    It cost about £80-100. Well worth doing, esp, if your bike is a red, white and blue Trek and shouts Lance/stars & bars/ etc to the world! Between spraying and clear laquer you can put decals on. Obtainable from ebay and fairly easy to do. Sounds crappy I know but it actually looks pretty good.
    If you get a clear lacquer finish it will last well and be scratch resistant. I opted for blue paintjob, which is again a
    good safe colour in Scotland, now that a certain football team have been relegated to 3rd division!
  • Thanks for the info Alain. I don't actually know anywhere near home that deals with carbon, but if I can find somewhere close that's great.

    What is the place called where you had yours done? If it's a good job then I'd be willing to travel up or send it off to Edinburgh.
  • Alain Quay
    Alain Quay Posts: 534
    It was Hendersons. They took ages and are not specialists, as they spray anything & everything and only
    have a few choices of colour. So, I would not recommend. Places like this look the business.