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Canuk and Wife Wanting Info On Tour de France 2013 Trip

MphotoHarrisonMphotoHarrison Posts: 2
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Greetings! We just returned back to Canada from a holiday in London, Bath and York. I picked up a Bike Radar mag and found this site to be the best site around!

First post and I have done a search but did not see exactly what I was looking for (or used a lousy criteria).

I am an avid road cyclist. My wife is not. We are looking for a tour operator that caters to hardcore riders and their partners who would be interested in the sights, wine, food and shopping while I am riding.

I checked out Duvine but they are pretty spendy for my wife (I am OK with the cost for me but they wanted the same amount for a non-rider).

Can you suggest a reputable company that caters to both a rider and non rider?

Thank you!

Mark & Heather


  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    Try - the self-guided option may be the most flexible. There are lots of other operators specialising in particular areas so you could try googling cycling holidays and the area you are interested in.

    It wouldn't be difficult to organise something yourself: a hire car would give you maximum flexibility.

    Hmm DuVines prices? Bear in mind that in most of Europe 100 euros will get you a very good hotel room and you could live *very* well for 100 euros each (you can live well for half that). Personally I wouldn't pay in excess of 4000 dollars for a week's holiday.
  • mrc1mrc1 Posts: 852
    Sounds like we (Le Domestique Tours) might be the right people for you. We regularly have couples where one is very keen and one less so. We are also very much cheaper than Duvine, so have a look at our site and drop us an email.

    Le Domestique Tours - Bespoke cycling experiences with unrivalled supported riding, knowledge and expertise.

    Ciocc Extro - FCN 1
  • term1teterm1te Posts: 1,462
    I can't recommend John at Duckstore productions enough. I've done a couple of trips with him, Annecy to Nice this year, and they've been superb. I know he runs trips to the Tour, so check him out.
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