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Formula Freehub

konadawgkonadawg Posts: 447
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Righty-ho, freehub body on Formula hub seems to have a bit too much slack in it, there is what to my eyes looks like too much play in the cassette.

It's a couple of years old but has been through a lot.

I took it off the hub and the visible bearings (inboard - and of the FH body itself, to be clear, not of the hub) looked a little bit rusty, but the play does not come from that end anyway. Assume that there are another set of balls on the outboard side, behind where the cartridge bearing seats? The play is most evident between the bearing seat and the external shell of the FH body - the splined shell where the cassette slides on.

I oiled and re-greased as best possible but of course this is just a short term thing. While cleaning with WD40 prior to oiling etc on occasion the hub tended to lock up.

Anyway, hoping to source a Formula freehub body, but they seem to be elusive.

I found something that externally at least looks identical - sold as a Bontrager freehub body.

But there is mention of "size - 11mm" - from what I gather it is possible that this means that it is secured to the hub via an 11mm allen key?

Can anyone advise?

Mine - which takes 6000 series cartridge bearings, not loose ball and cone - came off with a splined 12mm tool.

Here's the link to the part. ... 39223.html

Thanks in advance, as usual :wink:
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    yes the fitting is 11mm allen key.

    TBH take your old one to your LBS as there are literally 100s of versions out there. even changes through the production run.

    things that need to be cheeked thread SIZE AND PITCH etc...
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  • konadawgkonadawg Posts: 447
    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately no LBS here stocks any FWH of any sort, in the entire country. Lucky if one can source an entire hub of choice, if it happens to be one of the commonest sort, if not, no way.

    Was hoping that if the 11mm allen version linked to is also a cartridge bearing type, that it will otherwise fit, but now not so sure.
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