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Bike seat for mini me

MrJim007MrJim007 Posts: 64
Hi all,
My little one is now 8 months, sitting up well, and im looking into getting a seat for the bike.
Anyone have any recomendations or even where I can start!! My wife has a hybrid commuter style bike with rack on the back and I ride and race road bikes. Is there anything that would work on both?
To be honest its more important for it to work with my wifes bike but it would be good to take her out on mine as well.


  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 4,040
    I'd recommend a trailer. I have used rear seats and trailers and the trailer is night and day in comparison - simply brilliant.

    I bought a two seat trailer when my second was born and it was at this point when I stopped using the rear seat that I realised I should have bought a trailer to start with.
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  • t0pc4tt0pc4t Posts: 978
    I just bought a hamax smiley, they are about £65 in general but evans have the black and grey colourway for £45 with a further £4.50 off with a promo code

    It has not arrived yet but Hamax seem well regarded, my son Logan is about 9 months. I have used a trailer and they are great but my reasons for a seat are as follows:

    1. When I tried one on holiday the type there would only fit to a bike with V brakes, my MTB has these but my hybrid (which I prefer to ride on paths) does not
    2. I think my son prefers to be up high where he can see, he really enjoys going in our rucksack type child carrier
    3. I don't really have storage space for a trailer

    But, when we did try the trailer on holiday my son was fine with it and it was easy to use, he slept in it which I suspect he would be less likely to do in a seat due to the distractions.

    My usage of the seat will be for short family bike rides, if I was going any real distance and wanted LOgan to sleep I would probably have gone for a trailer.
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