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Kent based events.

mtbkinginkentmtbkinginkent Posts: 28
edited August 2012 in XC and Enduro
I am currently doing some research into organising some mountain bike events in Kent through the website below. Please could you reply if it would be something that you might be interested in. Your reply would not be considered as an entry in any way, it's just to get a rough idea of numbers to see if the idea is worth pursuing.
More details are on the website.
Thank-you for your time,


  • C0LL0C0LL0 Posts: 271
    Hi Darren, Yes I'm looking for events/races to do in Kent
  • grawpgrawp Posts: 46
    I'd be up for it.
    Would love a regular weeknight series.
  • A meeting has been arranged with Eric Lejeune, British Cycling South-East Event Officer, to discuss all of the necessary requirements for organising events in Kent. now has a Facebook page that will have regular posts regarding the current stage of the research process plus other info. Visit the website and click on the link to like the page. Or visit the Events page on the website for updates.

    Exciting times.

  • Had a meeting with Eric Lejeune, British Cycling Events Officer, today. He advised on the work involved to organise a successful series of events in Kent. He predicted a timescale of around 2 years for all of the planning. Not a problem, time to get busy !

    Of course 2 years is a long time but if the events are going to work then they need to be done properly, not going to cut any corners.

    Thank-you for your patience,
  • C0LL0C0LL0 Posts: 271
    Thats good Darren

    From little acorns, mighty oak trees grow, will be good when they are up and running.

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