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I'm between these 2 bikes.... I think!

1981miked1981miked Posts: 259
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Evening folks,

I'm in the market for a new Road Bike, I had a Cube Peloton last year but had to sell it to raise funds..

Anyway, Im in a position to be purchasing another very shortly, my budget is £1500 very max, id like to spend a bit less if possible.

After much deliberation and research I think I have narrowed it down to the following bikes:

Vitus Dark Plasma VR ... elID=67806

Or a rather nice

Van Nicholas Mistral Apex ... escription

I intend to use the bike for commuting, training and weekend rides of 30 miles +, also considering doing a sportive and maybe a Triathlon next year. So which would you choose if you had the option?

Like the Van Nicholas as it is a bit different and looks really nice, like the Vitus as it has a good spec and a nice carbon frame... So any help would be greatly appreciated. Planning to go and have a look at the Van sometime in the next couple of days.

Please help,



  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,954
    I have a Mistral :D Great bike but still lust over a nice CF bike :cry:

    If you want a do it all bike the VN may be better but fitting mudguards is difficult.

    Go to Fat Birds and they will build you a Mistral with a better groupset for the same if not less money (i.e. Campag or 105). My complete 105 build cost £1250 2 years ago and all the other dealers wanted £1400 plus and that had standard VNT calipers, cheap FSA chainset etc.

    With the VN, especailly from FB you do feel that your getting something slightly bespoke and built to your spec. With the Mistral check the frame size as i ordered buy comparing geometry with my old Allez. i thought they were the same but they are differences in the riding position. Try to do a deal with FB as i got a VN Ti stem and seatpost for next to nothing at the same time. Also try to steer clear of the Easton wheels as they are not very relaible by all accounts. FB do nice Ambrosio wheels and you should be able to get these included in the build.
  • styxdstyxd Posts: 3,234
    For £1500 quid, get a Canyon Ultimate Al or summat like that.

    But between those two, its got the be the Van Nich
  • 1981miked1981miked Posts: 259
    Thanks for the reply mate. FB is a bit away from me in Scotland so visiting them is a no go unfortunately, there is a shop in Edinburgh that sells them though so was going to go there. The pic on the Edinburgh shop shows it with the Easton wheels but they say it comes with the Mavic wheels as listed in the magazine reviews.

    No note on the FB website about that tho as far as I could see, I have looked at the geometry and reckon the 50cm would be spot on as the geometry is very simaliar to a road bike I had last year, a trip to Edinburgh will confirm this tho.

    I'll phone FB today tho and see what they say about doing me a deal on 105 specced bike, see if I can haggle a bar, stem and seatpost upgrade.

    I'm not after a full on race bike at the minute and not that fussed about mudguards either.
    Looked at the Canyons aswell but prefer the VN.. I keep going back to it so that must be a sign..

    Thanks again guys
  • EarlyGoEarlyGo Posts: 281

    I'm in Aberdeen and bought a VN Euros from Fatbirds last year. They were excellent and the whole process was done over the phone. They just need a few measurements from you. From my first phone call to the bike arriving up here was only 8 days. (And that included the frame coming from Holland!) They do good deals and build the bike to any spec you want. Thoroughly recommend them. Ask for Peter (he's the head man), who is really enthusiastic about the whole Ti thing. They sell more VN than the rest of the UK dealers put together, so get a good price from VN on the frames which they then pass on to the customer. My Euros with 105 and RS20 wheels was 200 quid cheaper than the same bike from Edinburgh Bicycles.

    Ti is very much a do it all material, very smooth on the road (I have zero road buzz now) yet responsive. The VN guarantee on the frame is excellent too and by all accounts it's hassle free if you need to use it.

    Regards, EarlyGo
  • 1981miked1981miked Posts: 259
    Hi Earlygo,

    Thanks for that, very informative post and sounds like you are totally delighted with the bike and service. I'll be sure to give them a call today and see what deal they can do on the mistral with 105 kit etc.
  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,954
    What happened?
  • 1981miked1981miked Posts: 259
    Now yet mate. Got delayed at work so never got a chance to phone. My pal found a deal on Dolan Mythos bike tho, carbon frame and ultrega... Very tempting.. But I like the fact the VN is a bit different. Phone call going to FB tomorrow...
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