Have you ever used a bike rescue service?

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I've seen a few of these advertised but cant help feeling that they'd take forever to arrive and only be available during certain times.

Are they any good?


  • amaferanga
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    That's what friends and relatives are for isn't it? And they don't charge.
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  • rodgers73
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    Yes, I did imagine that people would rely more on friends etc. Which is why I'm curious as to what the commercial services are actually like
  • nferrar
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    No experience of it either but also interested what their response times are like and if they really only do drop you at a train station/LBS if that's closer than your home (think I read that on one of the T&Cs somewhere?). F&F is obviously easier but not always an option. I have around 20 taxi numbers on my mobile to and hope one of them will agree to drive to the middle of nowhere to pick up a cyclist...
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    With tyre levers, two spare tubes, a mini pump, a small chain splitter, a spoke key and a set of selected allen keys you should be able to face pretty much any possible mechanical that can happen on the road. I suggest to stay away from multitools ,which often have all these options and more, but always fitted in a way that make them unusable
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    you cant fix a buckled wheel with an allen key though can you.
    sorry cant help the OP not had any experience with a rescue service either. Local Taxi #'s sound like a good idea.
  • I have thought about joining one of those resucue services.

    Whenever I go for a ride I always take my bank card with me. I figure with that on board, along with a mobile phone, I can pay my way out of any situation. I do carry tools also.

    So far so good.
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