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Shoes and pedals on a budget?

pinkpyropinkpyro Posts: 19
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Are there any shoe and pedal combos for around the £60-£80 mark?


  • uggins if you go for some entry level SPDs like Shimano 520s. Shopping around can get you the pedals for approx £20, MTB / touring shoes aplenty for £40 upwards. If you want 'proper' road pedals and shoes then you'll be pushing it. There are loads of highly knowledgeable folk on here, they may be able to make specific recommendations.
  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    I bought cheap Muddy Fox shoes from Sports Direct (£30) when I started and regretted it. I then bought some Giro Factor shoes last month and the difference is night and day.

    In my experience cheap shoes are a false economy and actually detract from the whole experience. Your putting you feet through a lot when cycling (especially if you do lots and go up hills) and good shoes are essential.

    If - as with many folk these days, money is not exactly a premium you could look out on here for bargains. I got my Giros off here for £100 new, which is £140 less that the RRP.

    DHB stuff on Wiggle usually get a fair review for the cash.

    As for pedals the shimano entry level SPD-SL one that Halfords sell for £35 (540 something or other I think they are called) are actually decent enough.

    PS: Also I found that shoes often do not fit same as normal footwear and vary a lot beween makes and models so you need to try before you buy (which makes internet deals difficult).
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