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Wheels compatable with Shimano and Campy cassettes?

CrouchingWayneCrouchingWayne Posts: 43
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Very newbie related question - will wheels which are fitted with a Campagnolo cassette take my Shimano one instead?

Keeping an eye open for a decent set of second hand rims but noticed many come with the cassettes attached.



  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,175
    The spline pattern on th freehub is different between Campagnolo and Shimano. So the only way to switch a wheel from Campag to Shimano is the replace the freehub with the correct one.

    This isn't possible on many hubs.
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  • xixangxixang Posts: 235
    short answer is none as the freehub is different. Some wheels like mavic will allow you to change the freehub so that you can swap between then, but straight out of the box you can't fit a shimano cassette to a campag splined freehub. I think there is someone who makes shimano compatible cassettes to fit campag freehubs but not 100% sure
  • Perfect - thought that might be the case.

    I assume I therefore need wheels with a Shimano free hub?
  • rpd_steverpd_steve Posts: 361
    assuming you have Shimano gear shifters/mech.
  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,022
    Maybe you should be more specific, whether you have the wheels already and which wheels or whtehr you are looking at buying and maybe we can direct you towards a set with "swappable" free hub
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  • Hi mate,

    As per the OP I'm keeping an eye open for a decent set of second hand rims!

  • xixangxixang Posts: 235
    in answer to your orig Q there are no wheels set up as campag that will take a shimano cassette "as is". But mavic wheels can have the freehub swapped over so you could buy a set of campag-ready mavics, swap freehub and then fit shimano cassette. There may be others as well but I'm no expert as I just buy wheels that are correct for me
  • e999same999sam Posts: 426
    My Easton's take both.
  • markwb79markwb79 Posts: 937
    thats wrong. Edco hubs will take both.

    I heard that they had a patent on it.
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  • meesterbondmeesterbond Posts: 1,240
    On the other hand, you can get cassettes which have the splines from one system and the spacing of the other. Ambrosio certainly does one which will fit a Shimano wheel but has 10 speed Campag spacing.

    No idea how well they work, but can't exactly be rocket science.
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