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Ok, ignoring my own rule about seeking medical advice on an open forum I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem with numbness in their fingers after longish rides, +2hrs. Specifically my smallest two fingers on my left hand, the little finger more so. They lose sensation and can take a couple of days to recover. I suppose it's due to pressuring a nerve somewhere in my palm/wrist as I hold onto the bars and was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems and possible solutions before I get on to my GP as otherwise I suspect it will get more severe over time.


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    I used to suffer with this but eventually tried taking my wedding ring off when I went on the bike and this sorted the problem.
  • I get numbness in my right index and middle finger - always have had. I get it on motorcycles and push bikes. The best solutuion for me is to wear padded gloves, which helps a bit and then move my hands around to different positions on the handlebars. And if it gets too annoying then I'll take a hand off and just let it dangle for a bit.

    I had MRI scans on my hands and brought this up with the consultant and she said that's just the way my nerves run through my hands.

    I put those gel pads on the bars and got some squidgy (read expensive) bar tape which made a bit of difference. But i still get numbness and just put up with it.
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    I had exactly this problem and lived with it for quite a while. I realised that my set up was not quite right, and I was putting too much pressure on the outer edge of my left hand. I eradicated mine by making a few changes to get me a little bit more upright, and I started using decent mitts. The problem has since gone away.

    Another thing, I now use all the hand positions, changing grip every now and then, so my hands get plenty of movement.
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    I get the same problem, although it goes away within 30 seconds of changing grip/shaking the hand out/stopping.

    Get a professional bike fit done. I've found that moving the saddle forwards slightly alleviated some of the problem, so fiddling with your positioning might be worth it in the meantime.
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    Ulnar neuropathy or "handlebar palsy". Due to irritation of the ulnar nerve as it enters the hand usually due to grip or position of hands on the bars. Try padded gloves or changing position of the bars or your hands on them.
    Or try rest or stretching hand and wrist.
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  • beefcake2 wrote:
    I used to suffer with this but eventually tried taking my wedding ring off when I went on the bike and this sorted the problem.

    it's the attention from all the ladies that think you're single that's taking your mind off the numb digits :wink:
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    Well I'm single so there are no rings to remove. However seems I was on the right lines, definitely something to do with my positioning or holding on bars. It's a little odd though as I had up until recently just the one all year round bike and didn't have any problems but I got a new 'best' bike in the spring which seems to have brought this problem on initially but to the point now where I get it on both bikes now rather than just the new one :?

    Will do some experimenting over next few rides and see what works best before considering GP route. Cheers for input folks.