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Ardent vs Minion

DCR00DCR00 Posts: 2,160
edited July 2012 in MTB buying advice
Morning all

Whilst I love my Minion combo, they can be a bit draggy, and I keep reading good things about Ardents, especially in 2.4 flavour

Have my eye on some 60a on eBay for 24 each, but can't decide

Anyone who didnt like them? And why?




  • CommyAdamCommyAdam Posts: 70
    edited July 2012
    Used to ride on minions and always rated them but the Ardent 2.4" 60a im running on the front of my MetaSX is fantastic. Rolls seriously quick and is very grippy in the corners. I'm not convinced of its mud handling abilities - however i understand that it's not designed for that particularly and short of a mud-specific tyre its not going to handle thick mud that well.

    Would really recommend them!
  • peter413peter413 Posts: 5,120
    I'm a convert from a 2.5 Super Tacky Minion to a 2.4 60a Ardent on the front of my XC/AM bike. The Ardent hooks up like a Minion but with less grip if that makes sense? It's so much faster than the Minion but still has the great characteristics of it, predictable, grippy and brakes pretty well. Be warned that it responds best to being treated harshly though, if you don't like leaning the bike over this tyre is not for you, if you're just half heartedly going through a corner or something it will not like it and probably spit you off the bike or if you're lucky you can save the slide. This is the reason many love them but many hate them I think.

    I wouldn't run a 2.4 on the rear though unless it's harder terrain like DH trails etc. 2.25 is far lighter and rolls a lot better. I personally really like 2.25 Crossmark's on the rear with the Ardent up front, another mate likes a 2.25 Advantage on the back, it's interesting watching him try to slide the bike on loose stuff, the front lets go but not the rear :lol:

    It also depends on what you are riding, if you're riding mostly mud I wouldn't use the Ardent but I wouldn't use a Minion either. I would be using the trusty Continental Baron but probably with an Ardent on the back.
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