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Hidden HippoHidden Hippo Posts: 79
edited July 2012 in MTB buying advice
Hi all,

I've just started mountain biking for more than commuting and am wondering about footwear. I'd like to get myself some decent shoes for the extra support (perhaps more waterproof than my Fred Perrys too!).

The main question though is this - can you wear SPD shoes without cleats? I'd like to get some SPD pedals in the future, so don't want to buy one pair of shoes now and in 3 months need new ones for new pedals.

Thanks in advance.


  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 6,896
    Yeah, usually they have a little plate that screws in over the space for the cleats. Most SPD shoes recess the cleat within the tread of the shoe (which also makes it easier to walk in if necessary), but make sure you check the soles before you buy. Road shoes often don't recess the SPD cleat.

    You also need to be careful that the screws don't seize before you get a chance to put some cleats on the shoes :wink:
  • If there is a blank plate there, how do the screws seize?

    What shoe would you recommend, up to about £65 or so? I'm not looking for something fantastic, just something a little more waterproof than trainers and with a slightly stiffer sole.

    Thanks for the advice so far.
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