Front Seat, Back Seat or Trailer???

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We are currently looking for a bike seat or trailer for our son; 8 months, 10kg, very tall and monstrously active!

Before we make an actual purchase, I wondered what others thought of the three main types of carrying a child on a bike.

The only one the shop had in stock when we looked on Saturday was a stem mounted jobbie, however my knees kept hitting the back of it when pedelling. I like the idea of him in front of me, but it feels a bit of a no goer.

Whatever we decide, it will be fitted on or pulled by a steel framed MTB.

Thanks in advance.


  • My little dude likes being in his bike trailer ..when so long as keep it moving. If i were to get a bike mounted seat i think the ones that fit to mudguard racks are the way forward, not sure i could have little man sat in a seat on the crossbar with his grabby hands everywhere when i need to keep concentrating on where i'm going.
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    I'm not a fan of rear mounted seats. A variety of reasons - the main one being the weight is all wrong (especially when you are off the bike).

    We had a trailer and loved it. That was lent to a friend (and then was stolen) :(

    I now use a front-mounted seat. We had a BoBike Mini until she grew out of it, and now use a friend's WeeRide. (See 'family' pic in my sig). I think the Yepp is the one to get these days. The best thing about the front mounted is in stark contrast to BoarderGreen, above... I love having her at hand and we talk all of the time.

    One thing tho - if he's already large, you may not quite get to the ages they suggest on the seats. (FWIW, Thing2 is 3.5 and still fits the WeeRide fine, but not for too much longer. She grew out of the BoBike about 6m ago).
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    Thanks guys, more suggestions to ponder!
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    I've tried all 3 & the only one I wouldn't go for again was the front seat - very difficult to control the bike I found. My wife didn't like the rear mounted seat on her bike because she rode a gents & struggled getting on & off - in fairness it was a little tricky. If you are an expereinced cyclist or use a step through frame this wouldn't be a problem. Personally I felt the rear mounted seat effected the handling of the bike (a hybrid) the least. Trailer was fine.
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    I have been looking at trailers, now more in detail.

    Is it possible to buy a Shawnee-Poole goose neck style trailer that attaches to the seat post rather than the rear triangle?
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    i take my 2 and a half year old out on back of mine and he loves it. however hes now just getting a bit big for going on the missuses bike as the seat keeps on hitting the back tire. shes on a small frame and im on a large but hes still good on mine.
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    Levi_501 wrote:
    I have been looking at trailers, now more in detail.

    Is it possible to buy a Shawnee-Poole goose neck style trailer that attaches to the seat post rather than the rear triangle?
    No idea but one of the best things about a trailer is that the attachment point is so close to the axle that it does not impact bike handling at all - barely noticeable.
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    I found a high mounted front seat that attached to stem was pretty un-obtrusive for pedalling and felt safest for a very young child, plus communication is far easier. Can't remember the brand to be honest, it might have been a bo bike, certainly looks similar. The wee ride looks great but is mounted lower and hits your knees. Seems to have been designed for form over function.

    I also had a Leco crossbar mounted seat when they were older which was fine too, slightly knees out pedalling style needed, depending on size of child, but then you're genrally pootling with the kids rather than time trialling. I did once give the Mrs a lift on the crossbar seat one night, but lets not pretend that was ideal usage nor the idea conceived in a sober moment. It did get us both home far quicker than walking though.
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    Bought (today) Chariot Cougar 2.

    Wallet is a bit thinner, but seems a very good product. Going to take it for a spin this weekend.
  • Recently mounted a Weeride Kangaroo to wife's bike, which has a small frame.

    It does hit the knees so you must pedal with knees pointing out slightly.

    On uphills it can be a struggle, on the flat it is certainly ok.

    If going on a long ride, I would probably opt for both seats (the Weeride and my trusty Hamax Siesta) being mounted. The front seat is great but does not recline: sleeping with the head forward might not be to every child's taste.

    The Hamax can be reclined to nearly flat.

    TBH I have never had any issue with rear mounted child seats other than weight distribution when at a standstill. Even steep uphills have never been a problem.

    The only reason for buying the weeride was for my wife to be more comfortable having my daughter on the bike, but as I said the pedalling is made slightly harder. It is good fun though to have the child in front.

    The bobike might resolve the pedalling issue but then the weight is all loaded at the front, and the mounting mechanism doesn't seem sturdy enough to me by looking at the literature.

    The weeride keeps the center of gravity closer to where it naturally is and from that point of view allow safer mounting and dismounting. But I would have to try a bobike to compare.