Rule number 15

15) Do not post "How much is it worth?" topics. If you want to know, look on other sites for a benchmark.

I posted something earlier that was simply replaced with "read the rules". Thanks for that :) I didn't read the rules, for which I must be punished, but that was also unnecessarily blunt.

Can I make a suggestion, in that a valuations area is created. It wouldn't be too much work to create one. It's all very well saying "If you want to know, look on other sites for a benchmark" but this is very unwelcoming and unhelpful. This is a biking website, which provides plenty of other advice. Why not second hand retail values? If members don't want to waste their time, they simply don't go in to the Valuations topics.

It's all very well saying look elsewhere, but I found, for example, that the particular bike I have was not on Ebay. As with many other items, the prices that people ask and what are other people are prepared to pay vary greatly. If I simply look at another site, charge the same and it doesn't sell, I'm merely perpetuating the problem. Getting an accurate idea of what people might be prepared to spend would be more beneficial than "f off" which is effectively what you are saying at the moment.

Thank you for your time and I hope the suggestion is at least considered before being dismissed. If there is a reason other than look elsewhere as to why there is no valuations area, could someone please let me know what it is.



  • Twelly
    Twelly Posts: 1,437
    Yes but your second hand tat is only worth what someone wants to pay for it.

    eg. Mr Smith sells his 2006 Rockhopper for £392.27 on eBay, Mr Jones then sells Rockhopper which was identical to Mr Smith's when new and only gets £285 in a Classifeds section. Who is to say what the bike was actually worth??

    There is no Parkers guide for bikes where you bang in the year, model and mileage and it gives you a definitive value.

    Plus the majority of bikes are changed/upgraded with aftermarket bits.

    You want to know how much it's worth, auction it and see what it reaches.
  • whyamihere
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    Would you prefer if we amended it to say "Your stuff is only worth as much as someone else is willing to pay"? Because that's the reality of it.