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robgriffin247robgriffin247 Posts: 22
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Apart from the Vattenrundan does anyone no some good cycling events/cycling groups in Sweden.
I live in Uppsala and I really want to start racing, if any one has local knowledge of sweden or uppsala about races (particularly regular local meets) and getting in to racing then please help


  • rexasaurusrexasaurus Posts: 11
    Hi rob,

    Been a while since I lived in Sweden but svenska Cykelförbundet has some information that may be of use to you. Also check out as they have most races in a calendar form on here across the regions. If I think of other sites I'll let you know. Har det bra
  • have you tried asking in local bike shops? Does the university have anything?

    In/around Stockholm I see loads of cyclists wearing Fredrikshof cycle club tops - not that far to come in
  • GeorgeShawGeorgeShaw Posts: 764
    IIRC, Frederikshof is the biggest club in Sweden, but Stockholm-based. I'll ask my mate if he knows any clubs in or near Uppsala, or where to look.
  • GeorgeShawGeorgeShaw Posts: 764
    Mate says the only club he knows is CK Uni -
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    some links for you

    but most clubs have good ties with the LBSs in the area so that is the best place to start.

    the shop I did things at sponsored a club and a few events.

    have fun before it gets cold ;)
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