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Cycling with Kids in Ste Foy

Scar TissueScar Tissue Posts: 2

We may be heading to the French Alps this summer staying in an apartment in Ste Foy. Does anyone have any tips if we contemplate taking the kids bikes. Oldest 6, 4 on trail gator but does ride without stabilisers, and youngest 2 in Burley trailer or bike seat. Our usual family bike ride isn't very challenging, normally along the beach front so very flat.

Is there anywhere to go that won't be too much of a challenge or massive climbs (I know we're in the mountains!!). Are there paths along the river through Bourg for example or would it be an option to get to The Monal Village - how far / difficult is that?
Or do we leave the kids bikes (big space saving in the car) and wait till they are older.

Not had a family holiday to the alps in the summer before so any advice welcome on the bike front or other family friendly tips /activities whilst in Ste Foy

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