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Hi All
I have a Cyclo Cross Cannondale 105 Bike which from new has been set up for Road and have a set of Schwalbe Lugano 700 x 23 tyres which I am happy with. I will soon be getting a little more adventures and doing ride that involve mainly road but also quick sections along tow paths as well. Can anyone recommend tyres that will give me good road speed but also the grip on the tow paths? Was thinking of Schwalbe CX Comp 700c x 30

In the future will be looking at upgrading the Maddlx DRX6000 wheels would welcome any suggestions

Thanks in advance


  • nferrar
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    Yeah CX Comps or Land Cruisers work fine for what you're describing
  • daveyroids
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    I use Land Cruisers, very good tyres.
  • I have a CAADX 105 and have to say it's a great bike!

    I have a few loops that I cycle locally which take in road, towpath and the odd bit of bridleway, and found that the stock tyres (Samy Slicks) were excellent for multi surface rides. I have used the Samy Slicks on rides of 90-odd miles where I have had circa 30 miles of road, 40 miles of off road (The Ridgeway) and 20 miles of towpath/converted disused railway track. 60psi for the road, and 40psi for off road works well for me.

    As for wheels I dumped the Maadux almost straight away as they seemed to buckle everytime I sat on the bike. I have replaced them with a set of Mavic Open Pro rims, Sapiam spoked with brass nipples and 105 hubs - great combo, reasonably light, and bloody bomb proof (so far).....