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Single-speed chain - recommendations ?

andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,814
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I'm using my Trek 2nd District as my all weather (well, was meant to be mainly for wet- weather / Winter but since we're having a winter-like Summer it seems to be all -year-round) commuter bike and I seem to be getting through chains rapidly.
I'm currently on a 1/8 KMC gold chain - can't remember what it was, possibly a Z510 or S1
I'm doing aroudn 100 miles per week and this chain, and the previous ones (various) last maybe 1000 miles or so which seems very low. An issue with SS chain-life might be that there is not the softening of the chain tension from the derallieur which mult-speed transmissions have. I haven't been able to get a really good even tension through the run of the chain - so that probably doeasn't help.
I wonder if some of the chains are less able to deal with the wet and gritty stuff flung up from the roads and are based on track (dry conditions) chains ?
I've normally gone for what I can get a good deal on but if spending a bit more will see a longer life then maybe it will be worth it.
Have tried running 3/32 and 1/8 but this 1/8 gold KMC has not been better than any of the others.
KMC510HX ?


  • homercleshomercles Posts: 499
    I've had similar problems with a range of chains on my ss commuter; seem to burn through chains in no time (c.1-1.5k miles) having tried various makes/ specs. Recently tried one of these Izumi track chains and have found it a significant improvement, certainly the best for durability that I've used so far. ... Googlebase
  • FunBusFunBus Posts: 394
    The KMC X1 would probably best suit you
  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    I'm using a cheap-as-chips 7 speed chain -googling the KMC chain recommended above it comes in at £25 +, which is 4 or so of my chains. Granted chainrings aren't cheap but the cogs I'm running are. In the long run it may be cheaper to fit bottom of the range stuff... I haven't expected to have to change my chain so soon tbh, I'd better keep an eye on it.
  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,814
    Certainly single-speed suitable chains can be had cheap but maybe getting a smoother transmisison plus longer life if I spend £10 instead of £5 or £6 is worth a shot.
    Those Izumis are £11.99 when bought on it's own at Ribble which isn't massively expensive - around £5 more than the basic chains I've normally gone for.
  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,814
    ok, before I splash the cash any other recommendations - seems to be either go cheap or I try the PI track chain for about £12
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