6 punctures on ride to Box Hill!

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4 of us did ride to Box Hill and back yesterday. 6 punctures due to combo of worn tyres and flooded Surrey roads covered in grit.

I know this been asked previously, but would appreciate the common view / experience on best road tyres for this time of year, ones that combine fast progress with good puncture resistance..

Guy at top of Box Hill suggested Schwalbe Marathon Plus - but aren't they more for Mountain Bikes?

Or Conti Gatorskins?

To replace tyres 700 x 20 or max 700 x 23 as frame doesn't have much spare room for extra width.

Cheers & Thanks.


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    I think you guys have a problem... 6 of us rode to Box hill yesterday in the flood and nobody punctured.
    Tyres are important, but you also have to check the thread from time to time... glass and flint beds in over time and eventually finds its way to the tube. If you remove them with a sharp tool (like a pointy knife) you avoid three quarters of the punctures... if you can't be bothered to do so, expect punctures in quantity.
    Surrey roads are actually among the best in the country... not much sharp flint, compared to other areas
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    All the above is just advice .. you can do whatever the f*ck you wana do!
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    Schwalbe Ultremo DD's - fast, grippy and not much of a weight penalty (although the normal HD version are nearly as good protection-wise IME). Second choice would be Conti GP4Seasons (black chilli).
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    Thanks all.

    I willtry the Schwalbe. Exisiting tyres are some very worn Conti Ultras which are great value and have done well, but I want better.

    I've Gatorskins on my commute bike and like the Conti kit but will give Schwalbe a go based on your recommendation.