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I just completed the Manchester to Blackpool ride :)

Really pleased as my longest ride before today was 33 miles. Found some of the hills a bit tough but really enjoyed the day.

Had a stop for lunch but ride time was 4hrs 42mins to complete the 61 miles!


  • thegodplato
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    Well done, it was actually 61.7miles on my GPS!! My first event as well having only started riding in April. 3 Hours 20 mins.
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  • Ka12
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    I got 61.7 miles on the GPS. You managed a really good time :)

    I'm pleased with my time, have had 6 knee ops before getting back cycling and am waiting for a hip op to repair the lining of the hip joint - fortunately cycling doesn't seem to bother my hip.
  • macleod113
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    Fantastic result, you must be well chuffed...?

    keep it up
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