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ks seatpost lube?

cranazcranaz Posts: 39
edited July 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi, ive picked up a second hand i950 seatpost.
When i clean it after a ride what lube/oil should i be using on the seal?


  • Greer_Greer_ Posts: 1,716
    Any fork lube would do the job such as Brunox Deo, or I imagine some dry chain lube would work as well.
  • Posts: 4,067
    What do you put on your fork stanchions? Use that.
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  • cranazcranaz Posts: 39
    just wasn't sure if there was a specific oil. Haven't got any fork oil at the minute anyway so the brunox looks good value to do both.
  • DodgeTDodgeT Posts: 2,255
    On my KS, used to use silicone spray (fork juice basically) on the shaft, then would occasionally wind up the locking collar and put fresh grease (tf2, but most would do) around the base/shaft join, this then would trap any dirt which got past the seal, so you could clean it away.
    Kept it running smooth as and trouble free.
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