Hydration Pack Advise?

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Going on holiday in 2 weeks to Greece, I hired out a bike last year (not a good one) but this year I've made arrangements.in advance with a really good bike shop and have got a decent hybrid being delivered to my hotel for the 2 weeks.

I didn't have a water bottle last year, and rode a lot of mile all around the island, but this year want to be better prepared and was thinking of getting a hydration pack instead if keeeping stopping to get drinks and filling up bottles, but also one with enough room in it to fit a camera, swimming stuff I.e shorts, towel etc., so I can stop at beaches jump off the bike and go swimming.

Any recommendations on cheap decent hydration packs with plenty of room and a decent water carrying capacity?

Don't want to shell out a fortune but want one that is practical.

I've never used one before, are they comfortable?