Refreshingly pleasant experience.

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I hope people stick with this post as I am not bashing any cycling enthusiasts as it may appear, I just haven't had great experiences in my area. Though there is light at the end of this long and arduous post I assure you!

I'm not sure if this is the norm in most places, and I hope it isn't. But I live in a very rural part of Wales, and there's a lot of serious cyclist's about. (Which I think is good, there are not nearly enough people who enjoy this wonderful sport.) So I have seen and had experience, even as a novice, with rather a lot.
And I have sadly found there's quite a lot of what I can only describe as 'elitism', and a lot of arrogance.
I still ride my mountain bike on the road's while I'm saving for my racer. And understand I may look a little odd as a 6'2 guy on a battered, slightly small mountain bike in baggy shorts and a t shirt, but I don't see the need for 'pro cyclist' types to actually laugh and appear to talk about me or anyone who hasn't yet got enough money for all the gear.
And that isn't including the occasion I nearly ended up having a nasty accident coming over a narrow river bridge when an over taking roadie threw his used gel pack over his shoulder and cut my eyelid! Or the numerous times I've seen them nearly killing pedestrians on the cycle tracks.

So when the rear tyre of my bike buckled and jammed against the brake blocks miles from home, and an obviously very experienced roadie stopped to assist me I was pleasantly surprised. He removed the rear brake with a set of allen key's and such he had stored in his under seat bag (which I now realize must be invaluable on long trips and are now firmly on my to buy list) And after a short but pleasant chat, I managed to limp home. Instead of having to half push half carry my Raleigh as I had feared!

I just wish more in my neck of the woods were of his opinion, because It's a beautiful area that more should physically experience. And I think quite a few people have been put off by the above nonsense. Or feeling like a bit of a mug because they didn't have the perfect most aero-dynamic kit and losing heart etc.. Instead of a more camaraderie of the road vibe I was looking forward to 15 odd months ago, when I started.

Anyhow, I was just wondering if any others have had similar fuelling experiences ? :)
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