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5 Days in the rain - will it end in divorce?

Nervous99Nervous99 Posts: 9
edited July 2012 in Tour & expedition

Not that I'm the pessimistic sort but my wife and I are about to attempt our first cycling holiday in just over a weeks time and with the weather we're having not sure how it's going to go!

We're doing the Coast 2 Coast - Whitehaven to Tynemouth over 5 days/4 nights. If anyone has done it recently I'd be interested to know what weather/temperature was like/how much did you wear/good places to stop for tea! etc

Any general tips much appreciated. I'll be carrying our stuff so hoping to travel light obviously but what are the must haves?



  • Find a nice campsite at the top of a hill, preferablt near a good pub, pitch the tent and re-live your honeymoon.

    I wouldn't bother taking any cooking stuff - Cooking in a tent, in the rain, is just miserable. Unless you're camped next to a really good deli, in which case you can hand feed the Mrs, like you did on your honeymoon....
  • CumbrianManCumbrianMan Posts: 240
    If the weather's gonna be foul, get booked in to B&B's, otherwise you could put her off for life.

    If you're gonna arrive wet, your missus will appreciate a nice hot shower/bath. And either take enough spare kit, or check that the B&B's will dry your gear. Decent breakfast doesn't go a miss either.

    Get this right and you could be sorted for life :D
    This time next year, it could be the Alps !
    "There are no hills, there is no wind, I feel no pain !"

    "A bad day on the bike is always better than a good day in the office !"
  • humey53humey53 Posts: 14
    FWIW I'd pencil in lunch at The Horse and Farrier in Threlkeld. Out of the main touristy bits and good grub. You'll be burning off loads of cals so big meals aren't a problem.

    I remember taking fig rolls to snack on and I have to say they work. Doesn't matter if they get damaged either, unlike bananas.

    The cafe at the start of the Waskerley Way (the old Parkhead station) is a godsend.

    Make sure when you leave Allenheads you are on the right road, because if you're not, and end up in Stanhope you'll have to climb the dreaded Crawleyside Bank.

    Oh, and enjoy the scenery.
  • HoopdriverHoopdriver Posts: 2,023
    Definitely go the B&B route if you can, and if the weather looks at all dodgy. You want her to like it... And it is very pleasant to ride up to a BB at the end of a day's ride.
  • Nervous99Nervous99 Posts: 9
    Thanks for all your tips.

    I've booked us into B+B's/pubs - camping was never on the cards!

    But here's hoping for a change in the weather

    And the Alps next year :D
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