Bloody knees

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Bugger!! Been cycling since October and lovin it! Right knee is starting to give me grief which really pisses me off! RICE in action so hoping to get by but would hate this to ruin what I have now with this great sport!! Not Happy ;-(


  • Grill
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    Have you been able to identify what type of pain you're having? Muscle, ligament, joint could all be different issues.

    The first and easiest thing to do is get a proper bike fit as it could be something as simple as not having enough toe-in.
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    +1 to Grill's comments.

    If you're relatively new to this, a common problem is turning too high a gear. If you're anything like me, this produces the most excruciating pain under the front of the kneecap. This can be excerbated if you are really unfit or overweight.

    Bike positioning/sizing is also very important, as Grill says. Once you've got it sorted, this shouldn't happen again. There are lots of other things that can be tweaked (crank lengths etc) but the easiest to sort are pedalling technique and position.

    It can take a while to sort out, but don't give up. Good luck!
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  • CrouchingPig
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    I've found that even 1/2" of seat post being out can cause me this pain.
    Im sure you've already tried something simple like this though.
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    had similar issues with knee pain and tried the usual methods (109% etc) but got passed a link to this on here. ... ATOR_INTRO

    fill in your details, make a few adjustments and you never know. It worked for me and quite a few others on here I believe.
  • AllezGaz
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    Cheers guys. Have been considering. Bike fit, will try the link above and take it from there. I love my cycling so need to get rid of this niggle.

  • bagz3
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    i'm reletively new to cyling and i started to develop pain in one of my knees.

    i did 3 things to help with this.

    1. I stopped pedelling so hard. i now use lower gears and increased my cadence.

    2. Sat on a table and let my legs and feet dangle freely. I soon saw that my left foot was naturally toe out, so i adjusted my cleat accordingly.

    3. Moved my seat further back, so as my pedals were in the 3 and 9 o'clock positions, my front knee was no longer ahead of the pedal.

    Couldn't tell you if one or all these did the trick, but my knee is now pain free.
  • AllezGaz
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    Booked a professional Bike Fit today. Fingers crossed it will sort me out. Will let you know the result.