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Vetlec Wheels Speed 6.0SL - any experience

russellorussello Posts: 102
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Currently taking a good look at various aero carbon clincher wheels.

Shorltist contains the ususal suspects, but these popped up on

i've trawled around for some reviews, but not a huge amount of information, other than from some German forums

Does anyone have any epxerience of Vetlec SPEED 6.0SL - good, bad or indifferent ??

Thanks - Russell


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,022
    As you can see, carbon clinchers with alloy braking surface are heavy and unless you spend most of your time at 25 mph on the flat, the drawback of it takes over any aerodynamic advantage they might have.
    I would not spend that money for what in essence will ride like a pair of Aksium on your average day out
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  • russellorussello Posts: 102

    Thanks for the advice.

    Birthday coming up, so the idea of some new wheels is burning a hole in my pocket / head. I'm being encouraged by the missus, no less !

    I have ksyrium elites on the bike in quesiton, which are all the wheel I will proably ever need (or do justice to), so the idea of something aero has taken hold.

    I'm not far off 25mph on the flat, but there are normally hills in between the flat bits.... I don't race, but am doing around 100-150 miles a week.

    I looked at alu brake track for convenience, and have done plenty of looking around to agree with what you say re: weight. Given how often I see your name on 'wheel' threads, any advice appreciated.....

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