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look rxrs £382 ????

limoneboylimoneboy Posts: 480
edited July 2012 in Road buying advice
you know what its like type in something on ebay look what turns up time rxrs frames from the east £382 plus postage, i could not believe my eyes , this (i Think is one of the most gorgeous frames on the planet ) someone buy one and let us know what its like ,

more upset that i thought time frames were made in france by clever little elfs in the woods , turns out its made with every other frame by clever chaps in taiwan.

type in this "toray T700 Carbon Fiber LUGS Road FRAMESET KILLER C59 VENGE S5 FOIL IMPEC"

just very interesting
last month wilier gt -this month ? bh rc1


  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Have you heard of fakes...? I have no clue on where all high-end frames are made (pretty sure the top Times are French though) but just because some random eBay add mentions a big name brand doesn't mean it's the same frame as you'd buy from said big name brand...
  • limoneboylimoneboy Posts: 480
    i agree i would only by from the manufacture but look at the frames they have the same paint jobs they are exactly the same some even have the time decal blocked out ! i am not saying you should buy one yes i have heard of fakes , but i think they are possibly the manufacture of this frames, this is not the first time this has happen i just think some of this taiwan manufactures dont understand copy right laws and sell them thinking they wont get caught, give it a couple of weeks and they will not be on the bay as the dogma mark frame did !
    last month wilier gt -this month ? bh rc1
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