Is My Frame Knackered?

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I have just bought a Planet X frame (second hand)
When it arrived I noticed it had a crack on the top tube.
I know that any cracks on a carbon frame is bad news, but I wasn't sure if it was just in the paint work.
To me it looks like something heavy has fallen on it, and I was thinking about sending back and getting a refund.
The pictures don't really show how bad it is to be honest, it looks worse in real life


Any information would be very useful


  • Giraffoto
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    If the seller didn't tell you it had a crack in the top tube (or even a scuff in the paint, if that's all there is) then you should have a case for asking for a refund.
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  • ETizzle
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    Yeah I think im gonna ask for a refund, I don't trust that crack.
  • Send it back, that's had a serious whack.
  • andy46
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    I wouldn't be happy with that, I don't think I'd trust it.

    Hope you get a refund.
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  • ETizzle
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    I got a refund.
    Seller still didnt think there was anything wrong with it :?

    Thanks for you help
  • keef66
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    It was a hideous colour too. I think you're well rid of it.