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Helmet for oval shaped head

jimjam44jimjam44 Posts: 2
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Just bought the Rudy Project Sterling on line after seeing the great reviews. Great looking helmet but the fit is too tight front to back so it's going back. Their website specifies that the helmet fits up to 62cm but on arrival the actual helmet states on the inner sticker a max 61cm. My head measured at 61.5..........Any recommendation for a decent road helmet for @£100 that would fit my large oval head... ...Ideally do not want one that look bulbous. Found Giro not a good fit, Specialized fits well but looks big (haven't tried S3 yet)-can't find any retailers who stock other brands thus the on-line purchase....any thoughts..


  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    I have the same type of head and just picked up a Kask. Doesn't make me look my head is stuck in a bowling ball which is a big plus.
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  • yeachan153yeachan153 Posts: 401
    Spesh Echelon, Cratoni Bullet, Cratoni C Bolt, Bell Alchera

    For oval heads. Hope that helped
  • metronomemetronome Posts: 670
    Kask k10?

    My head's quite ovate and the k10 fits sits nicely.
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  • antonyfromozantonyfromoz Posts: 482
    I have a smaller but similar shaped head and I purchased a kask K50 earlier this year which i am very pleased with (replaced my old Met roadrunner). I also tried a Kask Mojito and that was really comfortable too. Neither of these helmets give you the mushroom effect :D
  • woo1woo1 Posts: 51
    I'm the same, oval and big head, I'm looking for a good helmet that looks part of my cycling gear and not a homing beacon on my head.
    It's hard though when shops like Evans only have a few brands to try on, & the thought of ordering trying and sending back isn't that appealing.

    Does anyone know if Selev hemets are good for oval heads :)
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