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Road bike measurement/reach advice

chrispee44chrispee44 Posts: 28
edited July 2012 in Road buying advice
So when i was first getting into cycling i didnt know much about bike fitting etc etc, i got the bike in the shop that looked nice and felt ok... I ended up with a base model Orbea Aqua (largest size, im about 6"3)

This was several years back and im starting to feel like i need a change, i feel very stretched out on it and it begins to give me back ache after 60+ miles, this is with a shorter stem for triathlons too....

Do i need to man up some more and get used to the (not very aggressive) position or start looking for a bike with a shorter reach, i cant find the offical figure for the aquas reach but a tape measure has it at about 450mm which seems massive....

Would a retul fit on a jig narrow a choice down for me, perhaps im the long legs short body type....

Any advice would be appreciated

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