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I apologise if this, has, been answered before, but was wondering about clubs in the area, stated in the title.
I know about Dynamo, but are there any other decent clubs.
Just getting into my cycling and want to find a group that can help me improve.
Due to work and personal circumstances I doubt I will be able to make every ride, so want some that won't be anal if I don't show my face for a few weeks.
Thanks all.


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    If you like early morning rides (and I do mean early), PM me, maybe we can head out together for 40-50 milers, I am based in Richmond. Haven't joined a club as there is too much faffing about, combined with late starts... I like to be back home before 12 PM on weekends...
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  • Reidy, I live in Putney and ended up joining Twickenham CC - it's a 10km run to the club room, but tbh I don't find that a big deal. We're a small club by London standards (and therefore lovely and social) who do Tuesday and Saturday club runs with multiple groups for different speeds and often Sunday runs as well. There were track sessions over the winter, cyclocross in the Autumn and we're currently doing groups skills sessions (TTT, leaning on each other, lead out trains etc) as well. Active racing core.

    Other clubs - Dynamo, based in Richmond Park, large club who put out several groups to meet abilities. I think Saturdays is laps of the Park, Sunday is rides further afield and they may do something midweek.

    Kingston Wheelers - similar but larger than TCC from what I can make out and certainly a friendly bunch when I bump into them.

    Pearson - based in East Sheen, smaller more racing focused club but I think they do a number of skills sessions and more club runs in the winter.
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    Twickenham CC

    Hi Reidy36,

    I'm also a member of TCC and you're more than welcome to come and join us on one of our Saturday morning rides that leaves the clubhouse at 9am, or come to the club room on a Tuesday evening & have a chat with everyone. Newcomers are more than welcome!

    Find out more on the Twickenham CC website.

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    Will say my bit about Kingston Wheelers

    Vast club, 500 members or so now I think. 5-10 club runs to choose from on a Sunday right from total beginner through to very quick and far. Rides most days of the week organized on an ad-hoc basis depending on what people want to do (I regularly organize a midweek training ride that saw 17 riders turn up the other week) and their working hours.

    And contrary to what the above poster has said, we have rides going out at all times, this weekend gone there was a ride on each day that went out at 7.30 and 8am to get back early, if you need to be back a certain time, bung the ride on the forum, and almost certainly you will get some company (if you want it).

    Fairly large racing contingent if that floats your boat we host our own road race in March and do our own Hill Climb late summer, we have 10 mile TT's every couple of weeks, do a summer BBQ, regular pub meets, good quality reasonably priced kit, blah blah all the other stuff you can think of that goes with a huge number of cycling lovers.

    I also happen to think its a very friendly club, I know many people by name now, and have a group of probably 20 odd people that I ride with often, and there's always someone you can ask about just about anything, there is a huge knowledge within the club about all things from carbon fibre repair to the finer points of training with a powermeter!

    Have a look on the site - ignore the berk in the 'introducing' section, they're not all like him ;)

    Check the forum too, not quite as active as BR but its pretty good :)
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    Another one for KW. I've been a member for 2 years and in that time I've gone from a 36 mile club run to time trailing to racing and leading various club ventures around south east England. They also host skills training days and a couple of times a year there's a trip to Newport for some track cycling.

    As Rob says, our strength is our breadth as we cater for pretty much all points of the cycling spectrum. Come along for a Sunday morning ride and find out!
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    I doubt that any clubs care if you don't show up to every ride. It's not like football where people just turn up for matches and skip training, or only play home games etc...