Knees and bike set up

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Of late my knees are starting to hurt and im really worried, I have a docs appt on Mon to chat about it as my main interests ie cycling, golf, camping and walking all are outdoors and tough on the legs! I have a click on my left knee from when I slipped on ice a few years ago however my right knee is starting to 'sting' sometimes. Oddly I don’t really feel it on the bike, except if I’m standing pushing up hills.

This isn’t a direct result of cycling I believe as I have it when I don’t ride for a while, although I think my MTB saddle needs to come forward so my knees are over the toe at the 3 & 9 position - I think im right in saying?

Just wondering to help myself if anyone feels the benefit of tried and tested knee exercises and can recommend any ones along with knee supports? Im 28, 6.2foot tall and 15.5 stone so not too overweight...

Also I think a bike set up with a pro would be good, for my bikes - anyone know any in Glasgow/Edinburgh or abouts please?

Thanks in advance.
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    There's a few different knee exercises a physio will give you, and they target various muscle groups.
    My physio explained that when you've injured a knee, you often get an imbalance of strength around the knee, meaning you end up with some muscles stronger than others.
    This makes the muscles pull the knee out of alignment.
    Anyway, basically what I was told is that to fix a particular knee problem, you need to do specific things. There isn;t really a "catch-all" that will work for all ailments.
  • geeez.... Only 1 click? My knees sound like a wooden door being snapped in 2!

    Are you using SPD's? If so, ditch them. If you've got bad knees, they're one of the worst things going for bad knees!
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    Re a bike fit yes for your road bike as you sit in one position for long times.

    On an MTB you should not be sitting in the same place for long so not really useful.

    And re clip less pedals shoes some can be ok others not. It depends on what you need for your issues. While flat pedals can allow many more foot positions they do not allow you foot to rotate during the power stroke. Some SPDs have a number of degrees of float that cn be good if your knee needs to have your foot rotate.

    So you have lots of options but untill you know what you need it is hard to say.....
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