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Have my handlebars been compromised?

aripallarisaripallaris Posts: 294
edited June 2012 in Road general
Guys, yesterday my bike too a drop and my handlebar bent.They are aluminium. Happened literally before i set off for the london to brighton bike ride. I didnt have a spare so i pulled it back in place which im sure isn't a good thing

Anyway i avoided using the drops which is where they bent throughout the ride. Ive taken off the handlebar tape and cannot see any cracks or hairline fractures. Is it safe to ride with or has the alloy been compromised ?

If its time for a new bar what should I look out for when ordering something? Also how do i get the brakes off the old bar?


  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,386
    So are they aluminium or carbon? You change your mind partway through. Generally the alu will be weakened. I'd replace them. I doubt carbon would bend.

    The brakes probably fasten using a bolt down the inside of the lever hood or right in the space above the lever when you operate the brake.
  • Frank the tankFrank the tank Posts: 6,806
    Yes your bars need replacing.

    To get the levers off, remove the tape. pull the plastic/rubber lever cover back and use a hex key (can't remember the size) to untighten the screw clamping the levers to the bar.

    But your bars must be replaced if they've been bent fella.
    Tail end Charlie

    The above post may contain traces of sarcasm or/and bullsh*t.
  • aripallarisaripallaris Posts: 294
    sorry they are alloy.
  • aripallarisaripallaris Posts: 294
    sorry they are alloy. thanks for the info guys. i was thinking about replacing mine with the Ritchey Evo Curve . how do i find the right size?
  • biscuit959biscuit959 Posts: 111
    The 40/42/44cm options are (I think :s) just the width of the bars, so its just what your comfortable with tbh. If you liked the feel of the bent bars, just measure them and get the same.

    And obviously check that your stem is a 31.8mm size bar mount

    think these are about the same bars btw? just a bit cheaper in case your were going to buy direct from ritchey. ... elID=62156
  • aripallarisaripallaris Posts: 294
    thanks guys i went for the 42 Ritchey Wcs Evo Curve Road Handlebar in black. thought the red would be nice but maybe a bit too overkill. cant seem to find any screws on the brake levers :oops:
  • aripallarisaripallaris Posts: 294
    found the screw. for anyone reading this in the future, its to the side of the lever handle, under the rubber hood cover
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