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Are All Road Wheels the Same Size?

iRiderUKiRiderUK Posts: 4
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Hi all,

My first post and true to form I am asking what will doubtless be the dumbest question of the week :roll:

I have just ordered my first road bike having been riding a hybrid for years. Whilst I wait for it to arrive and because I am only now getting into cycling seriously I am using the waiting time to sort other stuff.

I have read the debate about do you carry spare tubes, a repair kit or both and it suddenly occurred to me I don’t know what size the wheels/tyres are the road bike i have ordered.

Are they all the same size and do they all take the same size inner tube?


Mark in Wigan


  • BillyMansellBillyMansell Posts: 817
    All road wheels are not the same size - those close to you will be big, those far away will be small.

    Only joking. The standard size for road bike wheels is 700c although some smaller bikes may use smaller wheels as may some specialist bikes.

    What bike did you buy?
  • iRiderUKiRiderUK Posts: 4
    Cheers Billy, I am assuming standard 700c then.

    I ordered a Ribble Sportive Carbon kitted out with 105 kit. Upgraded the wheels to Rodi Airline Clinchers and ordered them shod with Vittorio Rubino 3 tyres... (he says like he has the first idea what all that really means) :-)
  • iRiderUKiRiderUK Posts: 4
    Having identified 700c tubes I find they do Presta valves, Schrader Valves, Long Valves and then further complicate it on the sizing with 700 x 35-45c, 700 x 18-23c and 700 x 25-32c variants :?
  • BillyMansellBillyMansell Posts: 817
    700c x 18-23c with Presta valves would be fine with tyres up to 25mm. Valve length is tricky as the rims look quite deep; possibly 42-50mm length? May be best to ask Ribble.
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