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Bought a Hybrid Comp, now all seems to be working fine, brakes, gearing etc but all I get is a constant sounds from the bike that dont sound to good. The brakes are always whining, also get the same sound from the hubs/wheels and in and around the crank. Like I said the bike runs fine but these sounds suggest to me that things are not ok. My bike went in for its 6 week service and its still making the same noises.

I know there are many people on here who own Boardmans and hopefully some can give me advice on this matter, Im considering taking my bike to a LBS and having them give a full working over, though not sure on the cost upto now, or do I persist with Halfords and get them back on the case, or is this all in my head and this is how the bike functions?


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    Did you mention the noises when you took it in to be serviced? If so, what did they say?
  • They mentioned the brakes will take some 'breaking in and that disk brakes behave like this', I have never owned a bike with these brakes before but they are performing well, even with the noise.
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    pads can take a while to bed in, but it's not that long

    if the brakes are squealing, the first thing to try is degreasing, both the discs and the pads

    best way is to remove the pads and clean them, if necessary rub the faces with fine emery cloth/other abrasive to remove any glazing

    to get the pads out, remove the wheels then you can take out the pads

    also check they are set up correctly, don't assume halfords (or lbs) will know how to do it properly

    according to boardman's website the brakes are avid bb5

    i've used these, set up correctly they are great, but the set-up is fiddly vs. more sophisticated systems

    after cleaning and remounting the pads, check the pads are correctly seated and the retaining springs correctly inserted

    step one is to get them properly parallel to the discs...

    remount the wheels, make sure they are fully seated in the dropouts when you tighten the qr (put some weight on the bike before doing up the qr)

    with the mounting bolts slackened, set the pad spacing so there's just enough gap to let the disc rotate, then hold the brakes on hard - give the body of the brakes a wiggle to ensure it's freely lined up, then tighten the mounting bolts - only after you've tightened the bolts do you release the brake lever

    now adjust the pad spacing...

    spin the wheel to check the disk is rotating in the same plane as the brakes, with no scuffing, if necessary open up the pad spacing a smidge - but not too far, you want the pads close enough that braking starts with only a little lever travel

    repeat on other wheel, you usually need wider pad spacing on the rear wheel as it'll flex a bit more under power

    you can download user and service manuals for the bb5 here...
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  • Thanks for the replies, I would love to give it a go but finding the time at the moment is going to be difficult(work away from home). Thats why I was considering taking it back in or to a LBS. I am hoping it is just the brakes that need tinkering with!
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    unless the lbs is next door, it's probably faster to diy...

    cleaning the pads/disks will take 10-15 minutes total, you just need a can of solvent and some kitchen towel, that may be all it takes to fix the squealing

    otherwise aligning the brakes should only take 30-40 minutes, as long as you've got some hex keys it's straightforward

    bear in mind these are both tasks that will need repeating at some point, how often depends on how much you ride, so diy can save you a lot of money in the long run
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    I have a Boardman Hybrid Comp and my brakes made a lot of noise when I first got it. I ignored it as I had been told that disc brakes can make more noise than rim brakes.

    However, when the pads needed changing I switched them for another brand and the brakes were practically silent. Go for sintered pads if available.

    Great bike by they way. I've covered over 4000 miles on mine commuting and had no problems apart from normal wear and tear. Best get used to adjusting the brakes though as they do need frequent attention. Nothing difficult or time consuming though.
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    cbriddon wrote:
    I have a Boardman Hybrid Comp and my brakes made a lot of noise when I first got it. I ignored it as I had been told that disc brakes can make more noise than rim brakes.

    However, when the pads needed changing I switched them for another brand and the brakes were practically silent. Go for sintered pads if available.

    I have a Boardman Pro Hardtail MTB that I've had for a few years now - and the original pads that were in the brakes (Elixir 7 IIRC) used to squeal like buggery. I swapped them out for sintered pads and they have run silent ever since.
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    I too have a Boardman Hybrid Comp and my brakes also made noise when I first used them ... and it seemed a real struggle the first two times I went out on the bike (i.e. ~ 12mph average).

    I cleaned it after those two rides and while spinning the wheels with the bike upside down I noticed that after about 1 revolution they stopped spinning. It was at this point that I realised that the brake pads were alsmost constantly rubbing against the discs. I know for disc brakes they are supposed to be really close, but I don't think they are supposed to rub. I used the adjustment knob to dial them back a fraction and they stopped rubbing and the bike felt so much faster.

    It also reduced the noise from the brakes a bit as well - I'm guessing this constant rubbing for those two rides was glazing the surface of the pads which meant any moisture on the discs and the brakes would squeal like an absolute pig. Does have it's uses for warning peds of your presence though :lol:

    If the bike is left for a few days I tend to get a bit of noise for the first couple of applications of the brakes but after that it's relatively quiet now.
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    Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster, please be gentle!

    I have struggled a bit with these brakes since buying a month ago, initially the rubbing "bedding in", sorted now, and have adjusted them myself, but one thing I have noticed; there is a fair bit of flex on the front disk when I apply the front brake. I fear the disk may start to warp with regular use, am I over-concerned or is it an actual problem?
    I must say I haven't used the loosen bolts, squeeze lever and tighten method yet - will try tonight - but I don't see where the play in the mounting bolts will come from for the caliper set to move?

    Thanks for any help guys and gals.
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