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Hi i cant decide what is the best tyre for me as there are so many conflicting reviews and opinons ive been reading.
Ive narrowed it down to the michelin pro 4 service course and the schwalbe ultremo zx..
Fast Rolling speed is my biggest requirement, followed by puncture resistance and then durability.
Please help me decide or if you have any other recomendations im all ears.


  • I don't know what level you're at but I gave up, went to the local decent bike shop, told them what I was after and left with their recommendation (Spec Armadillo Elites)

    Life's sometimes too short.... :wink:
  • zn533
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    Continental GP4000s. Expensive, but in my and many of my friends' opinion, the best. Your search is over.

    Armadillos are very durable but at the cost of everything else. Also, as soon as a single drop of rain falls to the ground they instantly lose all grip. (Sorry TheEnglishman!)
  • mjb4444
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    I've just gone for a set of the schwalbe after reading a lot of reviews! Sounds like they are very fast tyres and durability wise there are conflicting reviews but I think if you take care of them they sound like they will do some good mileage. They also got best on test this month in Cycling Plus.

    Ribblecycles have got them reduced to £26.50 each at the moment, down from £42!

    Plus the colour schemes are great, got myself a white striped pair!
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    I recently switched tyres to Conti GP 4000's after going through two sets of Ultremo's. Got good mileage out of the Ultremo's although I found they were a bit susceptible to small cuts etc. which eventually led to bulging and on one occasion my back tyre exploded. Conti's have been out for several spins now and still look pristine, no nicks or anything. Cheapest I got saw them for online was Rose bikes in Germany. If you like them on Facebook they'll ask you do download an app thingy which generates a code for 10 Euro off your first order also. Lovely lads