Wheel Size Help Required

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I want to buy 2 new wheels for any old Peugeot racing bike I purchased about 20 years ago.
I've never bought any wheels, and I appear to be struggling, need help.

On the actual wheels the following is stamped, 28 x 1 5/8 x 1 1/8 700c

When I search for a 28" wheel I don't seem to get any results, But search for 700c I do, just by searching for 700c is this a definite match?

Has an example below, are these correct and will fit?

http://www.amazon.co.uk/hybrid-Bicycle- ... 078&sr=1-6

One final question, Can you buy the rear wheel with 5 speed cog wheel already fitted?

Any advise a help.


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    Any Help?
  • MichaelW
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    If it says 700c then it is 700c. Any new 700c rim will match up with the brake blocks (ie diameter) BUT the hub axle length may be old-fashioned. The current std for Over Locknut Dimension (OLD) is 130mm. Older bikes may be 126mm. You may be able to squeeze a 130mm hub into 126mm dropouts by spreading them but it makes wheel changes slower and dirtier.

    Hybrid bikes use an OLD of 135mm and this will not fit inside 126mm dropouts.
    You can measure OLD in an empty frame, across the dropouts from outer face to outer face.

    700c size is sometimes called 28", but not in the UK. There are several 28" wheels sizes that are not 700c.
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    Micheal, thanks for the reply.
    The bike is actually at work, so on Monday I will have a measure, just 1 point on your last line, when I buy a wheel are you saying I should just specify the 700c and not 28".