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Strange sized feet, struggling to find shoes!

Ka12Ka12 Posts: 216
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I have a pair of shimano R087 Wide fitting shoes (EU42/UK 7) but after a few rides and trying different adjustments I think they are too narrow for me. I have spoken to a couple of cycling shops today who advised that a Shimano wide is similar to a regular in other makes of shoes.

I have just looked on the lake site and done the measurements and I have one foot which is 96mm wide and the other is 104mm wide, I also have completely flat feet which doesn't help, according to the lake size chart I would need an 41.5EU Wide to get the right width but an EU39.5 wide for the right length.

I am near blackpool and not sure of any local stockists for lake shoes, can anyone suggest any stockists or alternative brands to look at/try on.


  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Are you measuring width under load? I highly doubt you have completely flat feet, it's far more likely that you pronate excessively giving the visual impression of flat feet. The best way to stop your forefoot from expanding under load is to properly support the whole foot, i.e. footbeds. Superfeet Blacks might be a good shout as they're designed for low-volume applications and the extra support will give you more room for the forefoot. I couldn't say for certain without proper examination, but a visiting a competent fitter would be my first stop.
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  • Ka12Ka12 Posts: 216
    My feet are totally flat, this has caused my knee joints to be 10 degrees out of alignment and 6 knee ops later nothing more can be done bar knee joint replacement. I am in hospital on Tuesday for a hip assessment as now the problems with my feet have caused me to start to loose the lining inside of the hip joint.

    Any recommendations for fitters in the Lancashire area?
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    Certainly sounds like extreme pronation and possibly hyper-mobility of the ankles. A lifetime of that would certainly account for 10 degrees off axis. Keep in mind that proper footbeds are designed to support the way you stand, not change it.

    The only fitters I trust in the UK are Colin at Solutions4Feet in Bicester or Hamish at Pro-feet in London (although with the way Hamish trains his staff anyone there will be more than competent). I'm sure there are several up North, but I unfortunately I don't know who they might be.
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