Air or Coil?

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What would be the best fork for enduroracing - air or coil?

I ride a Lyrik 2-step soloair. I think it´s a bit harsh on smallbump. I like to have a fork that aids good traction.

I think about FOX Van 36 160 mm. Mz 55 R or the expensive but sexy BOS Deville 160 mm dual air.

What´s your experience: is the swap from 2-Step Lyrik to something that has higher rating on test worth the effeort in real life? I mean: people who make their living on tests has to come up with some kind of result everytime they do a test. But for you who has tried both air and coil - is coil or air the savior?


  • supersonic
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    Depends on the fork. Some air forks are smoother than coils from others. The Lyrik also depends on the damper that is installed ie Mission Control DH or adjustable floodgate. That said the Two Step system was never really that good - and you can buy a coil for it.
  • rockmonkeysc
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    When I had my Lyriks upgraded by TF Tuned I asked about converting to air, they said that I would save weight but for the best performance on a lyrik they told me to stick with coil and fit a mission control DH damper.
    Mine were super plush when they were done.
    If you have got the floodgate removing that improves performance and you could swap the air spring for a coil.