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Changing from FSA vero crankset to Sora

trekker66trekker66 Posts: 53
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I was hoping to remove my FSA vero compact crankset and replace it with a shimano sora triple. Could someone tell me whether I would need a bottom bracket specific for shimano sora and also what tools I would need to firstly; remove the FSA crankset and bottom bracket and secondly; install the new shimano sora things.



  • mattcroadmattcroad Posts: 189
    Yes, you can get a Tiagra bb for about £10-£15 is the cheapest. You need a few tools the square taper crank puller tool, and bb socket to remove the FSA one, the bb wrench tool, and the the Shimano disc-like plastic tool for maintance on the new one. Job will take 20 mins, and you probably should get a new chain too, as the wear would be uneven and may shorten the new chainset life.

    I did the same on my Trek about a month ago, hope that helps.

    EDIT: You can pick up a x-tools tool box for about £45 off CRC that has all the tools you will ever need (except cable cutters), cheap but does the job. ... elID=40997
    There is a rule for that
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