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planet x sl carbon as a new frame

polarharepolarhare Posts: 23
edited July 2012 in Road buying advice
hi all iam looking to upgrage my steed!

i bought a alu frame off e-bay about 3 years ago! (unpainted and spary with wilco spray paint lol)

iam running a mix of ultrgra and 105, with r500 wheel set (i think) iam looking at upgrading frame to carbon (never ridden full carbon in my life)

my budget is about £500, ive been looking at the planet x sl carbon frame has anyone used/own one? or can you recommed a differn't frame? or is it simply not worth getting a budget carbon and waiting till i have more funds?

iam not the best rider but not rubbish either (did a 65 mile sportive in just under 4 hours) and iam not heavy just tall 6'1 and 11.6 stone.

thanks for the advice


  • pitchshifterpitchshifter Posts: 1,476
    Heard they are good value for money, quite popular on here. Not as stiff in comparison to higher end carbon frames but as your only 11.6 stone that will be less of am issue.

    2 year warranty as well I believe..
  • polarharepolarhare Posts: 23
    thats kinda what i was thinking..... just after opions, and if any thing better out there for the price.
    to be fair @ £500 (with change) for frame, forks, seatpost, headset, head set fitting, mec hanger, seatpost clamp and cable adjusters! its a bargin.......but you get what you paid for :(
  • Ribble stealths are cheap at the moment. Definitely worth a look ... IBBFRAR970
    Frame and forks for £439.95 you can't really go wrong
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Plenty of my mates have had those frames - they've used them for racing ironman on too - so comfy over 112 miles. (well as comfy as 112 miles can be).

    I think the PX racing team have competed on them too. If its good enough for them...
  • IShaggyIShaggy Posts: 301
    Ribble stealths are cheap at the moment. Definitely worth a look ... IBBFRAR970
    Frame and forks for £439.95 you can't really go wrong

    +1 This is about as good as it gets for the price.
  • StrathRCStrathRC Posts: 31
    Hi, I ride one of these and its is fantastic. I do around 100-200 miles per week with a mix of sprint efforts , group rides and climbs- did the madone last week, and it is perfectly suitable for each function. Only thing I would say is try and see one before u purchase as the sizing is on the small side. I'm currently in the process of picking a new frame as mine is now too small. It's a pretty physically demanding bike largely due to its, as described, 'erratic front end'- this can get a little exciting at times. Overall great value for money, very light, stiff enough.
  • dindi_boydindi_boy Posts: 24
    I've got a Planet X SL Pro Carbon and really like it. Had it a year and it's been faultless. I also have to say I found Planet X to be a good company to buy from. Excellent service.

    Mine is black with SRAM Force group set - all the bike I'll need.
  • polarharepolarhare Posts: 23
    thank you to all, i did look at the ribble....but the bb30 with the extra parts i need would put me over budget! so i ordered a sl carbon! cant wait!!!

    thankyou to everyone!!
  • gmbgmb Posts: 456
    I've had mine for over two years now and it has been absolutely hammered. It has held up well throughout and I can't fault it. I'm a heavy rider (the wife sleeps in the spare room now) 14st ish and the flex is nowhere near as bad as it has been made out to be IMHO.

    A great frame and I would definitely have another (or a Canyon Aeroad Super Record if I won the lottery ;))
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  • polarharepolarhare Posts: 23
    sweet pics!!!! thank you again for evey ones advice!

    its done (- frame protectors)

    here the pics! old, middle and new! enjoy..... ... hotostream
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