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Adding gears to a single speed?

bunch1980bunch1980 Posts: 4
edited July 2012 in The workshop
I have a Scott Sub 50 hybrid bought for excercise, then changed jobs now its 6 miles each way up a reasonsbly flat cycle track no major hills. On way in its pretty much down so free wheel most of the way! on way home ratio is pretty good to pedal all the way bit fast at times.

I am sure it is possible to add gears one would be a hub gear but thats sam price as the bike was and more.
To add a new wheel and hub cassette plus deraluier and new crank etc should be easy enough I was planning on buying bits over time to spread cost!

As long as I buy compatible components should all be fairly straight forward?

Or am i better of buying another bike!



  • corshamjimcorshamjim Posts: 234
    Usually I'd say it's more logical to replace a single-speed with a hub gear. What is the OLN (the distance between the inside of the dropouts in mm)? That will dictate to some extent what your options are. If the frame will take one then a hub gear needn't be expensive. The Sturmey Archer S-RF3 3-speed for example is only £90 or so complete with gear cable and shifter. Add £40 or so for a wheel build (including spokes) or do that yourself and you're pretty much sorted. I find the three speed good enough for most of my cycling - certainly plenty for my 4 mile commute but also enough for rides up up to 70 miles so long as they aren't super hilly. Typically hub gears are great for all-weather commuting because they suffer less from rain and muck than derailleurs do and the thicker chain lasts longer.

    Personally I would say the hassle of converting to a derailleur setup isn't worth it, but I've never been a big fan of derailleur gears so I would say that!

    Welcome to the forum Lee.
  • bunch1980bunch1980 Posts: 4
    Hi thanks for the reply. I did not even think Sturmey archer we still made, I remember my Dads Raleigh in the 80's with it and then out came mountain bikes!
    As you say for my needs a 3 speed would do me fine I expect.
    Will measure the distance on weekend.
    Yeah I dont really need 27 gears! or the hassle!
    Thanks for welcome.
  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    you might be able to pick up a second wheel with the SA hub already built in, which will be an easier swap over


    that will a couple of bolt on cable guides will see you right.
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  • bunch1980bunch1980 Posts: 4
    Thanks tomo missed that auction but will look for more in future!
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