Waiting Times?

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What are the waiting times for Ribble bikes and would you recommend them?


  • anto164
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    Loads of people would recommend..

    Give them a call if you want to know about waiting times.
  • tordis
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    I've emailed them yesterday, as I want to order a bike from them, and they said the build takes 11-15 working days.
    I've heard some appalling stories about their customer service, but TBH, they've been great so far, very helpful with helping me choose the right size and upgrades.
  • samhedges
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    I just queried them this morning regarding this and they got back to me within maybe half an hour? I think the stories might be scaremongering but I could be wrong. I can't decide whether or not to get there 7005 Sportive or buy a Giant in store.. :S
  • tordis
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    SamHedges, I also have my eyes set on the Sportive 7005. I'll be testing a Jamis Ventura Race tomorrow morning, but I'm somewhat more inclined towards the Ribble, despite the waiting time.
  • samhedges
    samhedges Posts: 83
    I just wish I could test ride the thing! The other option is a Giant Defy 3, have you considered the Avail?
  • snoopsmydogg
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    ribble delivery will always take time as they will build the bike to your spec, but imo you dont get much better value for money. I was very recently looking to buy a Sportive Bianco but that has had to be delayed for a little while.

    Did order some parts the other day online. Called for advice on Tuesday, order placed Tuesday night (about 9pm), email to say dispatched Thursday morning and got a call this morning to say they have arrived.

    Pretty good service if you ask me.
  • Herr-B
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    I got the Sportive 7005 (with SRAM groupset, didn't want to get stuck with Shimano like on every stock bike!) and absolutely love it. It did it through cycle scheme so had to wait for certificate but once that was heading their way they had it to me within the stated timeframe. Sadly, on arrival, it had a puncture - quite clearly when the tyre was levered on. Luckily they responded immediately by sending two upgraded replacement tubes.

    All is well with Ribble, I'd thoroughly recommend them.
  • Wardster00
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    I recently bought a Sportive 7005 and I have completed 2 sportives on it and loads of training miles. Would thoroughly recommend it.

    The waiting time was around 10 working days which they said at the the start and when They didn't have my wheels in stock they upgraded them at no extra charge.

    I am already looking at. Which Ribbel bike I can have next!!
  • cougie
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    Also check out Planet X - very efficient at building bikes, and theyve never let me down.