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advice required

humey53humey53 Posts: 14
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I am thinking about organising a group ride next year and need advice on route planning.

Start point would be Stoke on Trent, finish Ypres, Belgium.

How does one plot a route (the UK section, Calais to Ypres will be easy) for someone who is not the most computer literate. I've seen threads about using various GPS programmes that evolve into converting .kml files into other formats then transferring to handleds but then that eats battery power. I'd rather take a series of paper maps with me.

One obstacle to overcome will be getting past London without increasing mileage significantly.

How should I start the process? Anyone with experience of such planning willing to offer suggestions?


  • WooliferkinsWooliferkins Posts: 2,060
    As you say there are a plethora of techy solutions. Some mapping software let you print strip maps ie the bits you need. Personally I use google maps, it needs some checking but the rough plot is. Enter your start point and finish point then click get directions using the Walking option This is on the buttons directly over your start and finih point boxes.
    You then need to check the route in case it has you riding down a trunk road with a pavement. You can drag and drop to change the route. I dont usually print the map just the route sheet on the left but taking a screen shot at the magnification you require will give you mapping in whatever detail you need.
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