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Which 29er tyres?

piggletpigglet Posts: 68
edited June 2012 in MTB general
I've just aquired a GT Karakorum 29er which needs a set of bulas.
Type of riding is XC on the North York moors so a good mix of hard fire road type riding and standard single track, mud when it's wet, lots of climbing and the odd bit of road to link it all up. I do love to nail it on the downhills though :lol:
On my 26er I ran panaracer fireXC and subsequently cinders for about 10years before trying a nobby nic and rubber queen combo last year. The panaracers stayed on all year and handled everything well, only downside being they are now a bit weighty compared to the set I cutrrently have on.
One thing I've noticed is that the lighter tyres really squirm a lot more when you give it some on a technical downhill.

Sooooo, having barely ridden the 29er I'm not totally in tune with it's requirements and capabilities. I've been looking at nobby nics and hans dampfs, thinking the hans dampfs look more comparable to a panaracer fire XC/cinder and that they are probably a better bet for the winter??? Boy are the schwalbes expensive?! If they are worth it I don't mind forking for them but is there anything else out there worth considering? I guess I'm looking for the best all rounder which is always going to be a compromise.
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