Question about hubs

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I am looking to upgrade the hubs on my Boardman Team Carbon (10). The cassette is a Shimano and the wheels are Ritchey DS Pro. My question is do I need to get Shimano hubs or can I install any hubs?



  • nicklouse
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    easier to get new wheels.

    if you will need a shimano fit body on the hub for the cassette. (shimano, Sram are the same fit generally unless it is a 10spd ONLY body).
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  • Garryboy
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    Agree it would beceasier to get new wheels. I think the hubs on the ds wheels are formula not shimano. I have them and currently trying to sevice/overhaul rear hub and freehub - its a bugger. Have had to order a 12mm hex wrench to get freehub off. What are you hoping to get out of new hubs?