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Wales -Ireland

T.C.T.C. Posts: 495
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Has anyone done the Holyhead- Fishguard ride then the ferry over to Rosslare -then the cycle up to Dublin and ferry back to Hhead. What sort of timescale is usually taken for this ride? cheers Tommie


  • dylanfernleydylanfernley Posts: 409
    for a pleasant ambling tour you would need a week, any less and you are missing out on relaxing, suppose it depends on your outlook/timescale
  • i did rosslare to dun laoghaire with overnight stop in wicklow hostel then ferry over to holyhead followed by cycling the lon las cymru route in 5 days
  • cycladeliccycladelic Posts: 641
    My wife and I went via train to Fishguard, but then cycled back across Holyhead.

    We didn't cycle to Dublin as I'd heard that section of Ireland (central) isn't too scenic - compared to the west coast.

    You can put your bike on a bus or train to skip parts of the country... I have a blog with photos to give you some ideas; our route is shown on page 2... ... 6864&v=18n
    It's an uphill climb to the bottom
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