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The Kidder' Killer & Clee to Heaven. 18th August



Now it is time to sign up for the next new, cool, trendy and sexy Beacon RCC cycle event.


The Kidderminster Killer - 215km

- An epic ride to Mid-Wales and back with 3,750m of climbing through Salop and The Marches.
- Stunning views are the reward for the day's hard effort.
- You may with trepidation but you will finish with elation and a knowledge that if you can ride The Kidderminster Killer you can ride anything .

From Clee to Heaven- 120km

- A venture into deepest rural Shropshire along a figure of 8 route. Strangely, the Clee Hills are rarely visited by any cycling event, so you will be in for a treat.
- The route is hilly with 2,000m of climbing but riders be rewarded but the idyllic countryside of South Shropshire and its blue hills. The route was test ridden last year by several Beacon Members who gave positive feedback.

- Cake
- Excellent cafe controls located at conveniently situated locations
- Cake
- GPS Downloads
- Cake
- New innovative route card sheets
- Cake
- GHQ start and finish point located not too far from Birmingham
- Cake
- Entry on line

Details and entry at:


  • These events are now half full with several weeks to go before the actual date. Don't leave it too late to submit your entry.
  • dead sheepdead sheep Posts: 109
    Thanks for the reminder.

    Knowing the area well, all I can say is, "you bast*4d", with no offence intended. I can see why you have used 'Killer' in the title as it finish off most wannabees. Riders will need to be experienced and fit cyclists, with plenty of stamina and high levels of endurance. The Clee to Heaven route looks easier but still challenging.

    So, you'll be getting my entry soon. Will the men in the white coats meet me at the door of the headquarters, before or after the event?

    ......I might live to regret this event
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