broken collar bone advise

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I've managed to break my collar bone. I've been to the fracture clinic and the consultant there gave me the option of either letting the bone heal by it self or I also have the option of an operation to set the bone back to normal using pins and plates.

The consultant said the decision is up to me and didn't try and persuade me in any way to take one decision or the other.

If I get an operation then my shoulder will be back exactly where it used to be but as with any operation there is that small risk of something going wrong.

If I let the bone heal by it self I will have a slightly shorter and wonky shoulder and chances of having mobility issues are minimal but results are not guaranteed. But if problems arise then they can break it again and reconstruct the collar area again.

At the time I said let the the bone heal naturally and see what happens, not bothered about the cosmetic wonky shoulder and hoping mobility will be fine.

But since then I've been thinking. The reach of my left arm (broken side) is going to be a bit smaller when fully healed up. Is this going to cause issues when I'm on the bike? Is this distance significant? ie I know I will have to compensate for the shorter arm if I don't want go round in circles but is this a noticeable amount and will it cause some kinda issues of trying to get the bike to feel comfortable on my left and right side?

I'm trying to get another appointment to discuss this with a professional but would like to hear your stories too.

thanks, Jai


  • get it pinned, never got the option for mine it was just left to heal naturally.
    still hurts now from time to time and shoulder is like a inch or 2 shorter than the other.
  • jairaj
    jairaj Posts: 3,009
    I haven't measured accurately but from the xray mine has been reduced by a similar amount. Doc said there is a good chance of it joining up but will definitely be shorter. I was amazed looking at xray that would be the case and thought that an op was definitely on the cards.